World Class Supplier of Electrolytic Tilt Sensors, Inclinometers, and Tilt Sensing Systems since 1947!

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Spectron Glass and Electronics Incorporated has been designing and manufacturing tilt sensor and inclinometer products for more than 60 years. Widely recognized as the industry leader, our tilt sensor products can be found in most of the free worlds' jet aircraft, and in various avionics, guidance and navigation systems. Other tilt sensor applications include geotechnical measurements, construction lasers, oceanographic, security systems and digital compass correction. Our inclinometer products serve numerous applications in the industrial marketplace such as crane safety systems, antenna positioning, jetways and platform leveling systems to name a few.

Our knowledgeable technical staff is available to help you determine which tilt sensor or inclinometer product is right for you. Whether you need a tilt sensor to measure fractions of an arc second, or an inclinometer for wide angular range measurements, Spectron has the solution!